Tree Inspection 2017

Gunton Wood, Green Space and Foxburrow Tree Inspection 2017

"GWCP" denotes work to be undertaken by Gunton Woodland Community Project.  "WN" denotes work to be undertaken by Waveney Norse.  A downloadable PDF version is available under the "About Us" tab.

Gunton Wood 

 1. WN    - cut back large holly and cut large oak right down in St Peter’s churchyard. GWCP – clear back growth from Gunton wood to a depth of about 6ft., cut back large laurel in memorial garden, and cut back sycamores along boundary fence in St. Peter’s churchyard.
 2. GWCP - 4 dead elms on Gunton Church lane to be removed, and sycamore to be cut back.
 3. GWCP - 2 dead elms at Gunton Church lane entrance to be removed.
 4. GWCP - another dead elm just inside GCL entrance, to be removed.
 5. GWCP - remove large birch branch leaning on school fence.
 6. GWCP - remove dead elm near well.
 7. GWCP - remove dead elm near side of church.
 8. WN    - remove dead wood at top of sycamore near side of church (tagged 20).
 9. GWCP - monitor horse chestnut between main path and burial park.
10. WN   – reduce height of large sycamore to the right of the main path (GWCP to remove bird box).
11. GWCP – remove dying cherry tree outside John & Mo’s.
12. GWCP – reduce height of small hawthorns at Stubbs Wood entrance, to give walnut tree more light.                      
13. WN    – reduce height of sycamore to the left of the nursery.
14. WN    – reduce height of 2 sycamores to left of path between nursery & picnic area.                      
15. WN    – check sycamore on side of main path again in 2 months time.
16. WN    – remove top of sycamore between main path and picnic area.
17. WN    – reduce height of sycamore opposite coffee area.
18. GWCP – remove dead elm near info. board at top of Moore’s Lane.
19. GWCP – cut through ivy on ash tree at top of Moore’s Lane (to help monitor health of tree).
20. WN    – reduce height of Scots Pine at back of secret garden.
21. GWCP – cut down dead sycamore between picnic area and path to B&B area.
22. GWCP – remove 3 dead elms & 1 dead hornbeam along path between picnic area and path to B&B area.
23. GWCP – remove dead elm at back of Stubbs Wood houses.
24. WN    – cut back and reduce height of oak on path at Stubbs Wood entrance.

Green Space

 1. GWCP – monitor leaning ash tree near play park.
 2. GWCP – remove dead elm along path between play park and nature reserve.
 3. WN    – remove 2 dead ash trees at back of Gainsborough Drive houses.
 4. GWCP – monitor ash tree just off the path at back of Gainsborough Drive houses.

Foxburrow Wood

 1.  WN     – remove dead elm near kissing gate on A12 opposite Foxburrow pub.
 2.  GWCP – remove dead hawthorn along path near Crome Walk.
 3.  GWCP – remove 5 small oaks as marked, at Gunton Church Lane entrance.

By John Dickerson on October 9th, 2017