Coldest day of the winter so far but that didn't stop lots turning up for work, and a lot of jobs to do today. We fitted a new solar powered light to the shed, did some work on our trailer, finished off shifting logs using the trolley-dolly with new wheels fitted!! We did some path edging work, cleared mud/grass off the main path, cleared a large section of the ditch, did some coppicing work and planted the 5 varieties of trees, that we received on Monday, into the nursery to be planted into the wood at some point.
With coffee today, we had a lovely selection of homemade cakes and some hot cheese scones from Rosemary to celebrate her birthday last month and there were LOTS to go round !!
David reminded us of the meal tonight and that he would be meeting with council representatives to discuss work in Foxburrow and legal responsibility for the "wild wood". He also mentioned that he had a meeting with PleasurewoodHills on Monday 6th Feb to discuss sponsorship.