Today we started with the sad news that several new trees we had planted along "lime avenue" had been ripped up, the tubes and stakes broken. We tidied up the mess and will soon be planting more new trees to replace those damaged. We are expecting 50 new trees later in January. We did some chipping of paths which desperately need it at the moment. Some of the ladies went down to the end of the main path to see if the ditch was blocked again, fortunately, there was just a few clumps of leaves to clear out which did not take long to do. We had both chainsaws out today to finish off the work picked up in the annual tree inspection, a couple of dead trees were cut down, and some large branches which were leaning over the main path were removed and cut up. A dead tree at the Stubbs Wood exit into the green space was listed to be removed but when we arrived there the tree had already fallen, so we left it where it had fallen.  
With coffee today, we had a lovely selection of cakes from Yvon, not his birthday just a Happy New Year gesture. Happy New Year Yvon!
David mentioned there would be a committee meeting Monday afternoon and if anyone had anything to bring up at the meeting then let a committee member know. He also mentioned that, weather permitting, there would be some tree work going on in Foxburrow this Saturday morning, to finish off the tree inspection work.