A very cold start today but still a good turn-out of workers. Again we had a chipping gang chipping the paths, a group knocking in the edging stakes so they do not come above the edging logs as they can be trip hazards. A group shifting logs from where the tree was cut down last week to where they are needed as path edging. Three elms behind the church will be cut down on Saturday so some cleared the area in preparation. A gang removed wood from a frozen pond, we noticed the wood had been thrown in last week - a small piece of mindless vandalism, soon fixed. Some of the ladies were litter picking in the "bomb hole" pit and clearing yet more leaves out of the ditch and a few checked the railway line to see if it had been cut back by Waveney Norse yet. 
With coffee today, we had a lovely selection of homemade cakes from Mo to celebrate a BIG birthday on the 23rd. I won't say how old, I will just say it ends with a 0 and starts somewhere between 6 and 8 :-)
David had a lot to say today - on Saturday we will be cutting down 3 elm trees at the back of the church. The "work party members" should have received a risk assessment document this week either by email or post, please read the document and keep it handy for future use. Waveney Norse should have cut the railway path by now but they seem not to have. We will soon have a workparty in Foxburrow to possibly plant some new trees, lay more stones on the path, put back a way-mark post that was pulled up, replace the wire mesh on the boardwalk as it is has holes in it, inspect the 3 small ponds there. He also mentioned the social events for 2017 as discussed at the committee meeting on Monday - the Xmas dinner on the 26th, the trip to Cotswolds in May, a workers outing to How Hill in July, Bingo fish & chips in September and Snape in December. We have our 20th AGM in April and David reminisced about the setting up of the group 21-23 years ago!