Gunton Wood, Green Space and Foxburrow Tree Inspection 2017

"GWCP" denotes work to be undertaken by Gunton Woodland Community Project.  "WN" denotes work to be undertaken by Waveney Norse.  A downloadable PDF version is available under the "About Us" tab.

Gunton Wood 

 1. WN    - cut back large holly and cut large oak right down in St Peter’s churchyard. GWCP – clear back growth from Gunton wood to a depth of about 6ft., cut back large laurel in memorial garden, and cut back sycamores along boundary fence in St. Peter’s churchyard.
 2. GWCP - 4 dead elms on Gunton Church lane to be removed, and sycamore to be cut back.
 3. GWCP - 2 dead elms at Gunton Church lane entrance to be removed.
 4. GWCP - another dead elm just inside GCL entrance, to be removed.
 5. GWCP - remove large birch branch leaning on school fence.
 6. GWCP - remove dead elm near well.
 7. GWCP - remove dead elm near side of church.
 8. WN    - remove dead wood at top of sycamore near side of church (tagged 20).
 9. GWCP - monitor horse chestnut between main path and burial park.
10. WN   – reduce height of large sycamore to the right of the main path (GWCP to remove bird box).
11. GWCP – remove dying cherry tree outside John & Mo’s.
12. GWCP – reduce height of small hawthorns at Stubbs Wood entrance, to give walnut tree more light.                      
13. WN    – reduce height of sycamore to the left of the nursery.
14. WN    – reduce height of 2 sycamores to left of path between nursery & picnic area.                      
15. WN    – check sycamore on side of main path again in 2 months time.
16. WN    – remove top of sycamore between main path and picnic area.
17. WN    – reduce height of sycamore opposite coffee area.
18. GWCP – remove dead elm near info. board at top of Moore’s Lane.
19. GWCP – cut through ivy on ash tree at top of Moore’s Lane (to help monitor health of tree).
20. WN    – reduce height of Scots Pine at back of secret garden.
21. GWCP – cut down dead sycamore between picnic area and path to B&B area.
22. GWCP – remove 3 dead elms & 1 dead hornbeam along path between picnic area and path to B&B area.
23. GWCP – remove dead elm at back of Stubbs Wood houses.
24. WN    – cut back and reduce height of oak on path at Stubbs Wood entrance.

Green Space

 1. GWCP – monitor leaning ash tree near play park.
 2. GWCP – remove dead elm along path between play park and nature reserve.
 3. WN    – remove 2 dead ash trees at back of Gainsborough Drive houses.
 4. GWCP – monitor ash tree just off the path at back of Gainsborough Drive houses.

Foxburrow Wood

 1.  WN     – remove dead elm near kissing gate on A12 opposite Foxburrow pub.
 2.  GWCP – remove dead hawthorn along path near Crome Walk.
 3.  GWCP – remove 5 small oaks as marked, at Gunton Church Lane entrance.