A grey, dull, damp morning but still we had several out working. We had a group working on path edging - replacing some of the rotted logs with fresh logs from our recent storm, a group at the PwH's end of the ditch clearing all the debris that had built up at the bridge into the field - many wheelbarrow loads were shifted over into the woods, we cleared up the debris of the fallen holly that was cut up last week, we tidied up the area where the Saturday gang had been working on the oak tree in the ditch - clearing smaller branches and sweeping the main path, we removed a dead elm from the ditch and we did a litter pick as the strong winds had brought a considerable amount of litter into the wood.

With coffee today we had a selection of cakes, mince pies and apple pies all provided by Geoff.

At “listen up” David thanked Geoff for the cakes. He then detailed what work had been carried out today. There will be work on Saturday morning again this week, trying to clear the last of the oak tree from the ditch. He hopes to get another order of chippings to be dropped by the main gate. He talked about the Christmas meal at the Victoria on the 25th and went on to say we had been approached by the owners of a small copse at the back of the Harvester to see if GWCP would maintain it on their behalf, David wondered how the workers felt about this - it will need further discussion, possibly at the AGM.