A cold sunny morning meant a lot of workers out today. We had 2 teams of 2 people going around the wood checking bird boxes to see if we had a nest in them or if it was just used for birds to over-winter or not used at all. We keep a log of all bird boxes and how they were used each year. Several of the men went down to the meadow in Moore's lane to continue working on cutting up the willows that fell in the last storm. Leading on from this we had a small team out shifting logs to be used for path edging, we are trying now to use only the larger logs for edging as they last longer and are not so easily moved once placed. Finishing work was done on the hawthorn hedge at the Stubbs Wood entrance, a few plants were put in to help fill out and protect the hedge. Finally, we had several people chipping side paths.

With coffee today we had lovely hot cheesy rolls and sausage rolls provided by Ken. Sadly, Ken was not there to enjoy them but we certainly did, perfect on a cold morning.

At “listen up” David thanked Ken for the sausage rolls, he went through the work we had done today and then talked about the meal at The Victoria last Thursday. Most people agreed it was an excellent meal and it looks like we will visit again next year. David will not be here next Thursday but flasks, mugs, cakes, ladders etc had all been taken care of.