It was a surprise to see so many workers out on such a cold morning. We had 2 teams of 2 people continuing the bird box cleaning, this will continue next week finishing off the last few boxes and replacing and repairing those that need it. Most of the boxes have been in use, either for nesting last year or used for winter shelter, some were still in use - those we left alone! Work continued on tidying up the willow trees blown over in the meadow, using the smaller branches to top up the fence between the B&B area and the meadow, larger logs were taken away and used as path edging. Several workers were spreading wood chips onto the side paths which have started to become rather muddy, we hope to get a delivery of fresh chippings soon.

With coffee today we had lovely selection of various cakes, it's a good job so many turned out today, even so there were plenty to go round and round and round! Provided by Andrea, whose birthday it was on Tuesday. I might have misheard her but I think she said it was her 16th! Honestly, you really don't look it :-)

At “listen up” David thanked Andrea for the cakes and then, prompted by Janet, went through today's work (David did not arrive until coffee time so was not sure what had been done). He then went on to say that he had applied to Tesco's for GWCP to be part of their "plastic bag scheme" whereby customers each put a disc into one of 3 boxes for good causes and the money Tescos get from selling plastic bags is divided between them. He also mentioned that Saturday working would begin again this Saturday, there is still the tree inspection work in Foxburrow to be done.