A lovely morning for working, a lot milder than recent weeks. Again we had 2 teams of 2 people continuing the bird box cleaning, replacing and repairing and this will continue next week as well. We had one bird box where the woodpecker had just about completely destroyed the front of the box despite it being covered in wire mesh! We will publish the findings on the website when we have collated all the information. The sycamore logs near the coffee table and the silver birch logs near David's back gate were used for path edging except 4 smaller sections of the sycamore which have been put aside for seats. We had a gang doing fence repair work down on Moore's lane. The ladies were again in the ditch clearing it out, we just can't keep them out of it! Today they had young Will helping them - can we still call him young now he's 9?. While down that way they also tidied up some of the tree work that had been going on down there. Once finished in the ditch they moved on to the B&B area where a large clump of ivy had blown over from the wild wood, this they set about tidying up and will finish it next week. A sycamore that had blown over Saturday night, along with some branches that had blown down last night were tidied up. The main trunk of the sycamore was left to rot naturally where it fell. Some young oak trees were transplanted down Moore's lane. At coffee time we noticed a large branch only just attached to the main trunk of a big tree and caught up in nearby trees, it was high up and close to one of our busy paths. We got a rope over the branch and several of the men tried to pull it free but it would not budge. A decision had to be made to either cut the whole tree down or wait for Waveney Norse to remove the branch. We called Waveney Norse but they could not give us an exact time so we cut the tree down. As it happened, Robert from WN arrived 20 minutes later, just as we had cut the tree down! The WN gang did come anyway, at lunchtime, so we made use of their chipper to chip a lot of smaller branches from the trees that have recently come down - some chippings at last! A great response from WN, yet again, getting someone out within 20 minutes and a team out well within 2 hours.

With coffee today we had lovely selection of hot sausage rolls and mince pies plus a lovely homemade cherry jam and almond cake, all from Carol. The reason - it was her dog Carly's birthday!

At “listen up” David thanked Carol for the cakes and then went through today's work. He reminded us of the committee meeting on Monday afternoon and that there would be a Saturday WP this week - meet at 9am at Monet Square, we will be cutting down trees in Foxburrow.