No David to organise us this morning but we managed to sort ourselves out even though there were rather a lot of us, including a new member - Bill. We had a gang shifting logs off the wildflower meadow and stacking them by the side of the path, there were a lot of large logs laying about down there! We had a gang cutting up the tree we cut down last week and tidying up the area around it, another gang were shifting the logs from it to be used as path edging. We had two guys finishing off the bird box work, replacing missing ones with repaired boxes. Greg had done a super job of repairing some of the boxes for us. Paul and our new member Bill went off to clear the blocked drain under the main path, down near Pleasurewood Hills. The ladies worked in the B&B area sorting out the ivy that had collapsed and then doing some tidying up of the area, like moving a crab apple tree that was growing too close to another one. Andrea did a litter pick which is always needed after school breaks.

With coffee today we had a lovely selection of homemade sausage rolls, cheese & tomato scones and cakes from Barry (made by Val) to celebrate his birthday last weekend.

At “listen up” David thanked Barry (& Val) for the cakes and then introduced our new member Bill before going through today's work. He mentioned that all the tree inspection work, both in Gunton Wood and in Foxburrow Wood, is now complete for GWCP. We are expecting Waveney Norse to start their part of the work in March. When WN do come to do the tree work in Gunton Wood they have offered to chip any small branches etc. that we do not need. We will start accumulating branches, spoils, excess habitat material near the coffee area ready for chipping. There is a short list of work to be done in Foxburrow Wood and so a small workparty will be sent over there one Thursday soon. He suggested it would be a good idea to get a much larger pipe put under the main path as the current one keeps getting blocked. There will be a workparty on Saturday to clear a lot of the spoils from the large tree that has fallen from Gunton Hall onto Pleasurewood Hill's driveway in front of their main entrance. Meet at the end of the main path outside PwH's gate at 9am. David reminded us of the AGM coming up on April 18th, he also mentioned a day trip that he is organising on July 11th. He also reminded us that the final balance for this year's holiday is now due.