A bright sunny mild morning brought a good number of us out to work. The majority headed down to the meadow on Moore's lane to start cutting up and tidying up the willows brought down by last weeks storm, shifting logs to be used as path edging and using some of the smaller branches as hedging. The committee are considering whether or not to leave some of the main trunks/roots in situ as a feature rather than removing it all. Some of the logs lying around the wood have been moved up to the coffee area. The layering of hawthorn hedge at the back of 69 Stubbs Wood is finished apart from maybe putting a temporary fence in front of it to protect it.  Several of the ladies were in the ditch again clearing blockages and making sure it keeps running freely.
With coffee today we had a lovely selection of homemade and bought cakes from Mo to celebrate her birthday last Tuesday.
At “listen up” David thanked Mo for the cakes. He then detailed what work had been carried out today. He reminded us of the annual meal this evening at The Victoria hotel.