With the snow a distant memory (although still a little left in the fields) and the weather almost feeling like Spring, we managed to get a good number of workers out today. Sadly though, no Wally, so there are no photos of today's work you'll just have to take my word for it that we all worked hard! The theme of the day seemed to be - shifting! Lots of large logs to shift from the wildflower meadow for path edging. David was out with tractor & trailer shifting logs up to Church Wood and the path near the dog bin, at least until the tractor gave up! We also had the trolley dolly out shifting some of the logs for path edging along the path leading to the picnic area. We started reducing some of the habitats and shifting the material to a heap near the coffee area. Waveney Norse will hopefully soon be in Gunton Wood to do the tree work picked up in the tree inspection. They will bring with them a wood chipper so we hope to get as much spare logs/branches/excess habitat material together in a heap to be chipped. Some of the ladies went down the main path to the PwH's end and started collecting logs/branches and shifting them back to the heap near the coffee area. The 4 logs that had been left near the coffee area for seating were used to replace 3 rotten seats and create a new seat. There were a few piles of chippings near David's back gate that WN created when they were last here, these were scooped up and distributed around the side paths. Colin G reported that Vinnie's bridge was getting dangerous so after coffee David & John went and fitted a new plank which will do for now. However, it looks like a couple more planks will need replacing and also the side rail they are fixed to underneath has started to rot. We will try and do something about this next week.

With coffee today we had a lovely selection of cakes from Colin T to celebrate a special (ends with 0) birthday this coming Sunday.

At “listen up” David thanked Colin for the cakes and went through the work we had achieved today. He mentioned about the state of Vinnie's Bridge and also that there were a few new boards needed for the boardwalks in Foxburrow Wood. Work will continue on Saturday with the clearing up of the fallen trees outside PwH's main gate. David talked about and Rosemary handed around leaflets about a "Gardener's World Evening, with Bob Coutts, Friday March 23rd 7pm, at St. Benedict's, Hollingsworth Rd, Tickets £3.50".