A smaller workforce out today but we managed to get plenty of work done. The ladies worked in the nursery area making space for and heeling in 160 tree whips which had been delivered to us from The Woodland Trust. To try and give the new trees more light, Colin & Geoff cut back the canopy around the nursery. Work was done on "Vinnie's" bridge, replacing 4 of the boards and attaching a cross beam to one of the side rails to reinforce it, new netting was then tacked on top of the new boards. Work continued on moving the logs from the wildflower meadow and using them as path edging near the "picnic" area. Unfortunately, the tractor is still out of action so the logs were shifted using the trolley dolly and the sack barrow. Although we have now got two large heaps of chippings we only had Ivor spreading them on the side-paths. 

With coffee today we had a lovely selection of fancy cakes from Chris & Ellie.

At “listen up” David thanked Chris & Ellie for the cakes and went through the work we had achieved today. He then mentioned the trip to the Lake District, saying that it is now fully paid up and there will be an update notice issued soon. This Saturday's workparty at PwH's would be the last one for the time being, provided it is not cancelled due to the weather. He went on to remind us of the AGM in April and said that he and several more committee members were stepping down. There will be an AGM notice circulated in time to receive nominations from the membership to stand for committee places.