A dull but dry morning meant a good morning for working. We got stuck in to the large pile of chippings by the main gate and started spreading them from Gunton Church Lane through to Murillo Drive and beyond. We had received a request to do the area near Murillo Drive as it was getting very bad because it gets a lot of use from people going to / from the school. We had recently noticed a lot of wood floating in the pond so a team went down there to fish all the debris out. A group went down to try and move the final few logs from the wildflower meadow to use them for path edging. This proved tricky as we did not have the tractor, it's still in need of repair, and only the largest of the logs are left. We did have the sack barrow and the trolley dolly. However, after only one journey the trolley dolly got a flat tyre and had to be taken away to be pumped up. There are still a few logs left down there and hopefully we can move them with the tractor next week. David was trying to get both tractors (neither are working) out to the road to be collected for repair. Fortunately, a passer-by stopped to ask what was wrong with one that wouldn't start, he then set about fiddling with it and got it started! Probably needs a new ignition switch. The other may need a new gearbox (too expensive a job) or hopefully just a "bleed" (a very affordable job) - fingers crossed.

With coffee today we had a sausage rolls, cheese scones and a lovely selection of homemade cakes from Jenny & Yvon to celebrate it being Thursday!

At “listen up” David thanked Jenny & Yvon for the cakes, also Wally for providing tea-bags and sugar and then he went through the work we had achieved today. David mentioned that he had a meeting with Waveney Norse yesterday and it looks like they may not be able to do their Gunton Wood tree work, picked up in the annual tree inspection, this year. This probably means they would not be able to chip the wood we have been collecting near the coffee area. He then went on to say that Saturday working is now finished until next Autumn/Winter. He briefly mentioned that the committee were having a meeting on Monday about the AGM. Finally, he talked about our two tractors as mentioned above.