Not many workers out in the rain at 8.45 this morning but by 9.15 the rain had stopped and more came out to play. The recent rain had made the side paths very muddy but with 3 large piles of chippings we can fix that.  Today, those that were chipping started at the bottom of Moore's lane and worked back towards the main path, they finished off the pile pf chippings at the top of Moore's lane and then had to start on the pile near the dog bin. A longer journey so they started doing shifts, only going halfway before handing their barrow over to someone else in exchange for an empty barrow. They will continue this work next week.  The logs at the bottom of Moore's lane were, with the help of the tractor & trailer, moved elsewhere to be used as path edging, except for a very large log which was shifted to the top end of Moore's lane and left at the side of the path as a seat. We are hoping that Waveney Norse will be here next Thursday to do some tree felling, which might mean we get some more logs for path edging.  The stump of the silver birch, at the back of 65 Stubbs Wood, that came down in a storm at the start of the year, was dug out and removed.  Finally, Mark got into the ditch where the "farmer's path" crosses it and worked his way down to the path to the "bomb pit", clearing as much as he could as he went - amazing work and he's not even one of our ladies!    

With coffee today we had hot-cross buns paid for by Alan. A very Easterly thought!

At “listen up” David thanked Alan for the buns and then went through the work we had done today. David talked about the AGM notices and the food arrangements for the first night of the holiday. He said that Alan had suggested we made a log pile somewhere in the wood with all the rotten logs that we could not chip last week. This would be good for any adult stag beetles, amongst other things.