A cold, misty, dull day with water dripping off the trees on to us but it did not dampen our spirits. We had a lot to do today and we had the Waveney Norse tree gang waiting for us when we arrived. We thought they had just come to deal with a sycamore opposite the dog bin but had a pleasant surprise when they said they would be here two days and tackling a lot of outstanding tree work.  Although David had brought some paint for the notice boards, it was decided it was too wet and would be best left until next week.  Most wanted to continue the chipping of Moore's Lane because it was in such a bad state. This was completed and other areas started and will continue next week.  Peter and Paul went to the pond to drag out the branches that had been thrown in, a common problem during school holidays!  A couple of logs were retrieved from Moore's Lane area and used for edging near the picnic area, the edging in this area is finished for now unless we get some more large logs. However, there are other areas that need the edging sorted out and this will continue next week.  

With coffee today we had a lovely selection of homemade cakes from Linda in celebration of her birthday tomorrow but we did forget to give her The Bumps!!

At “listen up” David thanked Linda for the cakes and then went through the work we had done today. David reminded us all of the AGM next week and the change of venue to St. Benedict's, we will probably be in the larger of the two halls on the night and setting out the seats on Wed afternoon.  He went on to explain why Waveney Norse were here today and what they intended doing.