A lovely summer's morning brought many tanned workers out, back from their summer hols. Again this week we continued clearing doc weeds from the B&B area, the nursery needed watering but before we could do that it needed sorting out as it had become quite overgrown. Several members were out clearing nettles and brambles from path edges, clearing growth from around young trees and putting tall stakes near to young trees to make them easier to find when they become overgrown. Painting the seats with preservative continued and is now complete. The ditch between the top of Moore's Lane and the main path, where we had considered putting a wooden bridge, was filled in with soil to extend Moore's Lane to the main path, this was then compacted and chippings put on top. Pipes were put underneath so any water accumulating in the ditch could flow through, a sump was also added on the up side of the ditch to help keep the pipes clear (we may have to wait another 5 years before we get a downpour big enough to fill the ditch!).

With coffee today we had a lovely selection of homemade cakes from Paul (Andrea may have had some input!) for his birthday last month. An excellent selection!

David thanked Paul & Andrea for the cakes and then went on to list what work had been achieved today. He welcomed back several workers from their holidays before talking about next year's trip and other future events. A Suffolk Wildlife poster was passed around the group (can be viewed on This Weeks photos).