We are getting quite used to these warm dry sunny mornings for our Thursday meetings, it puts everyone in good spirits before we even start. As for the work this week, we finished off fitting several long pipes under the bridge near Pleasurewood Hills, the bridge that leads into the field. It took some doing to get the pipes under the existing concrete pipe, we also dug out the soil on both sides of the bridge, put a paving slab in front of the pipes and a wire grill to catch any debris coming down the ditch before it gets to the bridge. That should hopefully keep the water flowing when the rains come and also make it easier for us to keep it unblocked.  We also created a rustic fence in front of the copse near the B&B area. Hopefully, this means we won't be getting anyone camping in there again this summer. We will plant hawthorn/blackthorn along it in the Autumn.  There was further tidying up and sorting out of the nursery, including watering the plants and potting up of nearly a 100 foxgloves. we look forward to these flowering in the wood next year or the year after.  Further tidying up of path edges, getting rid of nettles and other weeds and cutting back overhanging holly.  Part of the wildflower meadow was cut with mowers and the strimmer, a bit early but this was to help with getting rid of doc weeds before they seed. The orchids and other important plants were marked with stakes & tape so they could be easily seen and not mowed down!     

With coffee today we had a lovely large selection of cakes from Christine, left over from the Blundeston Open Gardens weekend. We certainly don't mind left overs, they were delicious!

David thanked Chrissie for the cakes and then went on to list what work had been achieved today. He then went on to talk about what we will do with the money we hope to get from the Tesco Bags of Help scheme. The contractor has quoted us for resurfacing part of the main path and we will now ask him to quote for putting drainage in along parts of the main path. We hope the Tesco money will cover the major part of this work if not all of it.