Despite the lovely weather we had some sad faces and some sore heads today, something to do with England's result in the World Cup last night. Still, we put that behind us and got on with a long list of jobs - the logs from the oak branch that had fallen on to the main path had been cut up and removed but the smaller spoils from the branch had been left in the ditch so this was all tidied up, the fence repaired and the smaller trees that had been crushed under the branch were lifted back up.  Paving slabs were taken from the nursery area where they have been stored and laid out in front of the sheds, these will be leveled with sand next week.  The exit from Gunton Wood to the Burial Park was cleared of nettles and brambles as this was getting difficult to pass. The young trees along the path from the dog bin to the burial park were cleared of weeds.  Path edges were tidied up, removing overgrowing weeds, nettles etc.  The main path was cleared of leaves, mainly holly, before they rot and turn to mud (if we ever get any rain!). 

With coffee today we had a lovely selection of homemade (by Mo) fruit cake, chocolate & coconut cake and scones with strawberries & cream to celebrate John's birthday back in mid June. 

David thanked John & Mo for the cakes then reminded those that are going on the Bury St Edmunds trip next Wednesday that the coach will leave Gunton Church Lane at 9am sharp.