Lots of people talking about yesterday's trip this morning and several feeling a little tired from it.  We managed to finish off laying the paving slabs around the sheds.  We had the hosepipe out so managed to water some of the new shrubs near the dog bin and in the nursery, we were donated a variegated oak which has been put in the nursery for now, we tidied around the young trees at the school fence and watered them.  The mower was taken down to the wildflower meadow to carefully cut the grass but not the plants.  We continued clearing path edges of nettles and brambles and cutting back overhanging holly.  A small team walked the disused railway path, cutting back where necessary with loppers, long-handled sythes and secateurs.  

With coffee today we had a lovely selection cakes from Bill and some apple pies from Ollie, all for no reason at all.  Maybe the fact that it 's a glorious summer is enough reason for cake - sounds a good enough reason to me :-) 

David thanked Bill and Ollie for the cakes and then went on to tell those that were not there yesterday what a great day out we had - all those that went fully agreed with him. He went through the forthcoming events which are all listed in the recent newsletter. He mentioned that he would not be here next week, neither would committee members Rosemary, John and Peter. However, Janet, Andrew and Carol would be here - so things may go a lot smoother :-)

There were no photos this week as our photographer, Wally, is not well. We all wish him well soon and hope to see him next week.