Today 19 enthusiasts turned up to brave the heat and we picked some not too strenuous jobs to do. Alan trimmed the layered hedge by the Stubbs Wood entrance. A group of workers trimmed the hedges lining the main path from the pond area down to PwHills. They reported that not too much required cutting back... could be the lack of rain. Chris and co worked on the path edging round the new bridge at the top of Moore’s Lane. The ladies started on rescuing newly planted trees in Church Wood and some then proceeded to clear nettles and greenery from the path edges at the top end of the main entrance path. Andrew litter picked and for his endeavours got soaked by Andrea who was supposed to be filling a bucket with water (steer clear of that woman...she’s dangerous). John and Julie continued with tidying up Moore’s Lane and Greg and Chrissie watered the nursery after coffee.

There was no David, Peter or John today so Janet did the listen up and did most of this write-up (thank you Janet). Paul B was thanked for the sausage rolls and cake this week (he said he’d been up all night doing the your dreams Paul!).  Greg was also thanked for reconditioning one of our lawnmowers which wouldn’t start last week. It was reported that the bench opposite the B&B area had been vandalised, pushed over. However, on closer inspection it was decided that the legs had in fact rotted and the seat collapsed - hopefully nobody was sitting on it at the time!  Finally, Janet thanked Greg again who, on smelling smoke, traced it to the bomb hole and found a smouldering fire which he promptly doused....what a relief!!

It was good to see our photographer, Wally, back and looking well today. So we have photos this week, enjoy!