Today we had a good turnout and boosted by young Will helping us. We had 2 teams working in Foxburrow Wood, one team clearing himalayan balsam and one clearing up a small tree blocking the exit opposite the Foxburrow pub and clearing weeds from the young trees we planted last year. Most of the balsam has now been cleared from that area.  Back in Gunton Wood, the edging over the new bridge at the top of Moore’s Lane was staked down. A hazardous tree stump right in the middle of the entrance from the top of Moore’s Lane into the field was removed completely, there’s no sign it was ever there.  A lot of the massive amount of duck weed on the pond was removed. Although we had scoops, they proved not to be long enough. A piece of wood attached to rope was used to drag the weed to the bank and this worked well. The railings, that had rotted and collapsed at the Stubbs Wood entrance, were removed.  Down in the B&B area the willow stumps were reduced in height and an area was prepared for our new “Bug Hotel” that we will be building over the next few weeks. We have the pallets which is a good start.


With coffee today we had a lovely selection of cakes from Janet whose birthday was about 6 weeks ago, that’s quite close considering the competition for providing cakes nowadays!


David thanked Janet for the cakes and then, just as the rain started, went on to quickly list what work had been done today and thanked everyone for coming. Everybody disappeared quickly as the rain was getting heavy.