Numbers were low this week probably due to the forecast of rain. Those who did turn up set about several tasks - a team continued removing duckweed from the pond, it is looking so much better than 2 weeks ago when it was completely covered with duckweed.  We managed to borrow several sets of drain rods and used them to remove the old string in the pipe from the ditch to the pond. We managed to thread a new line through so we can attach rags to it and use it to clear the pipe when needed. Next week we will try the same with the new pipe from the sump to the old pipe.  Ken and Will did a litter pick of the wood and while doing so they kept a look out for Suffolk Rocks. Will found two excellent Rocks.  A small team were putting in posts at the back of No. 65, hard work, we only managed 3 out of 7 so will probably continue this next week.  Down in the B&B area the ladies continued building a fine "bug hotel" and did a few other small jobs that needed doing. 

With coffee today we had a lovely selection of cakes from Geoff.

David did a quick listen-up again this week as it was raining, he thanked Geoff for the cakes and then went on to list what work had been done today and thanked everyone for coming. He did mention that there are now only two seats left for the Snape trip on Dec 8th.