We had a good number out today maybe because there was no sign of rain for a change!  We managed to get the drain rods through the other half of the blue pipe and get a line through with it.  The bench seat in Pleasurewood Hills' field was painted.  The other seat in that field had disintegrated although the legs were still solid, so a new top was made for it.  The posts at the back of No. 65 Stubbs Wood were finished off.  There was also some tidying up of branches overhanging the paths and of the path edges.  More work was done in the B&B area, trying to remove the grass, planting out some new plants and general tidying up.  Once the ladies had finished in the B&B area they then went to unblock the ditch down near PwH. 

With coffee today we had a lovely selection of cakes and hot sausage rolls from Carol.

David thanked Carol for the cakes and sausage rolls and then went on to list what work had been done today and thanked everyone for coming. He mentioned that we had not received any money from Tesco's Bags of Help scheme so he would chase that up. He reminded us of the Bingo next Friday, Sept 7th, and that prizes for the raffle would be much appreciated. They can be brought along on the night. Also, that he would like a few volunteers to help get the hall ready, meeting at 4.30pm.

A lime green children's bike was found abandoned in the wood on Tuesday, it has been reported to the Police and will kept for 6 weeks or until claimed.