No David today and a smaller than usual turnout (I don't think they are connected), around 20 of us including a new member, Sue. It was a lovely bright sunny morning if a little cool to start with.  The majority of us went to the B&B area where the grass had to be strimmed and raked up. We managed to complete the strimming but there is still some raking up to do.  The fencing gang were out and had some work to do around and near the B&B area. Paul B and Andrew cleared duck weed off the pond. At the moment this really needs to be a weekly job.  At the tool shed a new solar light was fitted and the old one removed. The cable from the old solar panel had snapped, Peter has taken this home to see if he can fix it.


With coffee today we had hot sausage rolls and a lovely selection of cakes, as it was no ones birthday the cakes were bought from the cake fund!


As David was away our vice chairman, Andrew, did his first "listen-up" with a little help from Janet. Andrew thanked us all for coming and then listed the work that had been going on today. Janet added that we had made over £156 at the Bingo night last Friday.