No David again today and again a small turnout probably because the forecast was for strong winds and rain. However, it was very mild and dry and the winds stayed light so perfect for working. A few of the men went down to the pond to try and clear duck weed off the top, an on-going job at this time of year.  Most of the team went to the B&B area where Colin T was strimming the grass and the rest were raking it up and stacking it on top of the fences. John M was mowing the wildflower meadow today with his own mower. Soon we will take the GWCP mowers down there and cut the meadows, when we do we will give the B&B area a quick mow to finish it off.  The wiring on the old solar panel for the shed light had been fixed by Peter and the solar panel and light were refitted and seem to be working fine. However, the new one was not working, perhaps the battery has not charged. Perhaps we need sunshine!  The strong winds recently had brought a couple of branches down on to the main path and these were tidied up and the spoils stacked alongside the path. This was between the pond and PwH. Once the team had dealt with those branches they moved on to a tree that had fallen from the wild-wood across the fence and into the wildflower meadow. The smaller branches were taken off and used to strengthen the wild-wood fence. The thicker branches will make good path edging and will be dealt with next week.

With coffee today we had lovely homemade hot sausage rolls and cheese rolls plus a lovely selection of cakes, all courtesy of Peter and Marion (probably more Marion than Peter!).  

As David was away again our vice chairman, Andrew, did the "listen-up". He thanked Peter & Marion for the cakes and thanked us all for coming. Then he listed the work that had been going on today. He also told us of a litter pick at 9am on Saturday 29th Sept. Usual place, bottom of Gainsborough Drive and Tesco have once again helped. This time it has been organised by the Resident's Association.