We were greeted with bright lights when we opened the shed this morning as both the old and the new solar lights are working, we are keeping our fingers crossed!  We had a large group out today which was good as we started mowing the meadows and that always takes a lot of manpower. So, most went down to the wildflower meadow to either help mow/strim or to help rake up the cuttings. The cuttings we heaped on top of the fence/hedge between the meadow and the wild-wood to act as a type of thatch.  Mark, who now manages our bird/bat boxes, decided to start cleaning out the bird boxes to get them ready for winter sheltering. This also gave him, and Bob who helped him, a chance to check on the state of our boxes. Mark said he found eight eggs in one box, long since abandoned.  The tree that came down last week from the wild-wood across the hedge into the wildflower meadow was cut up and taken away to be used for path edging. We got out the old 2-man saw for the main trunk and this seemed to be extremely sharp and cut through without too much effort. Shifting the logs was probably more difficult than cutting them!  

With coffee today we had mini cheese quiches and lovely homemade cakes, all courtesy of Greg and Chrissy.  

David was back this week and said he and Rosemary had a lovely time away.  He started by thanking everyone for coming and Greg & Chrissy for the lovely cakes & quiches.  He listed the work we had been doing and went on to talk about the work on the main path, he had not got a start date for Anglian Water closing the path at the PwH's end although this is imminent. He did have a scheduled date for the resurfacing work at the top end of the main path, from the main gate to Moore's lane, which was Oct 10th, side paths will remain open. He asked for Suffolk Rocks to be made aware of these closures.  He mentioned the forthcoming outings, Snape Christmas show and Bury St. Edmund's Xmas Fayre, both are now full and there is a waiting list.  He told us that the annual tree inspection with Waveney Norse will be on Monday.  David finished by reminding everyone of the GPRA Autumn litter pick at 9am on Saturday at the usual place, the A47 end of Gainsborough Drive, wear stout shoes, refreshments will be provided.