The weather was perfect for working this morning and we had a large group out to enjoy it. This also meant plenty of work was done. Once again the main theme was cutting and raking the wildflower meadow. Some of the machinery - mowers, strimmer were playing up so we may get them serviced. We didn't manage to finish this so we will be at it again next week.  We hope the work on top-dressing the main path will start next Wednesday so the main path had to be cleared of leaves. With the leaf blower, rakes and brooms we were able to clear the path from the main gate to the top of Moore's Lane. Let's hope we don't get any more leaves down before Wednesday!  We noticed on our tree inspection on Monday that there was a broken branch caught up above the main path. So 4 of us, with hard hats on, set about trying to remove it. Eventually, after many throws we managed to get a line over it and then a rope. After a few hefty tugs it dislodged and we were able to cut it up and dispose of it.  A gang went down to the wild-wood to repair damage to the fence around it, a few places needed repairing, now it is once again secure.  The logs from the tree cut up last week were used as path edging, replacing some of the rotten logs which just seem to have disintegrated this summer.  The cleaning and recording of bird boxes continued this week. There is a lot to do on this, so the team continued after coffee and will continue next week as well. We are finding lots of damaged ones, some we will repair and others we will replace with new boxes. We hope that within the group we have the skill to make new boxes and also bat boxes.  Also, there was work on keeping the paths clear of too much overhanging or encroaching greenery.

With coffee today we had a lovely selection hot sausage rolls or cheesy slices followed by a selection of cakes - all funded by Ken and supplied by Rosemary. Over the years we have gone from biscuits to cake to hot snacks + cakes! Nobody is complaining though, except maybe a few waistlines :-)

David did the "listen-up" today and started by thanking Ken for the cakes and everyone for coming. He went through the list of work that had been done today and while doing so he talked about the problems with the mowers/strimmer and that he will try and get them serviced. He did also, briefly, mention about the work starting soon on the main path. Hopefully, next Wednesday. He talked about our annual tree inspection that was held on Monday and that Gunton Wood had fared better this year than last. This year we have around 17 trees that need attention, either cutting down or topping. Last year this was about 25. Also, the green space between Gunton and Foxborough Woods only needed an ash tree that is leaning badly to be removed and some dead/damaged sycamores. In Foxborough there were about 6 trees/areas that needed work.