Today it was touch & go as to whether we would cancel the workparty. However, at 8am when it was still raining, we decided not to cancel but we kept our fingers crossed the rain would stop. It proved to be the right decision. Although, not unexpectedly, it was a small turn out. However, we got a few jobs crossed off the list. David went off with Paul B to get some bags of sand from Waveney Norse, these will be mixed with cement to divert the ditch around a rather nice oak tree we want to protect.  Janet was working in the B&B area, planting foxgloves and putting good protection around them so they are not nibbled away.  There were some fencing repairs done to the B&B fence, to fill in a few gaps in the hedge and the nearby chicane was widened as Wally was having trouble getting his scooter through. We have also had trouble through the chicane with the trolley dolly when loaded with logs.  Cleaning and recording the bird boxes continued this week and once more we found abandoned nests with eggs! This work will continue for a few more weeks. Also, Greg has made us 2 new bat boxes which we will put up soon, the previous bat boxes were in the wrong place and had been there so long they had disintegrated.  The wire-netting covering the bridge from the PwH field to the main path had started to break up so it was removed and new netting put down.  Not bad for just a few of us.

With coffee today we had a lovely selection of cakes including mini apple pies provided by Richard and Sheila, mainly for Richard's birthday but also for their recent Golden Wedding anniversary. Poor old Richard has had lots of celebrations recently, he comes to work in the wood for a rest :-)

David, thanked Richard and Sheila for the cakes and then went through the work we had achieved today. He mentioned that while he was at Waveney Norse he asked about cutting the long grass in the "green space", this will hopefully be done next week and we will then rake up the grass. He talked about the pond on Gainsborough Drive, it looks like someone has attempted to poison two of the trees there. The Town Council are setting up a meeting about the pond (see THIS WEEK under PHOTOS tab for more info). John added that there is to be a "Beach Clean"at Gunton Warren this Saturday, 10-12am, meeting at the Reserve entrance on Links Road (see THIS WEEK under PHOTOS tab for more info).