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  1. WP-29Jan2015

    By John Dickerson on January 29th, 2015

    A lovely bright sunny morning just rather cold and windy. We had a good turnout again and as we had rather a lot of chippings to shift (having received Corton Woods allocation as well as ours) most of us set about finishing off the chipping of …

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  2. WP-22Jan2015

    By John Dickerson on January 22nd, 2015

    Again a large group turned out and as there were several large loads of chippings delivered the bottom of Moore's Lane was chipped up to the picnic seat.  Repairs were made to the bird table in Stubbs Wood and were completed by using a square post …

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  3. WP-15Jan2015

    By John Dickerson on January 15th, 2015


    Lovely morning today and we had 24 workers out.  The main group chipped the side paths, some teasel plants were set out in the new "bee area" and the repaired seat on the meadow was finished. Today with coffee we had hot sausage rolls supplied by …

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  4. WP-8Jan2015

    By John Dickerson on January 8th, 2015


    An overcast start to the day but still a reasonable turn out, people were keen to get back to routine after the Christmas / New Year break. Unfortunately, the rain came soon after we started but we worked on.  This week we had the majority chipping …

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