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  1. WP-28Jan2016

    By John Dickerson on January 28th, 2016


    Another cold and sunny morning and another really good turnout today. The contractor was still working on the main path but allowed us access to the coffee area and woodchip pile. Several people worked on chipping paths starting with Moore's Lane, …

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  2. NestBoxes

    By John Dickerson on January 28th, 2016


    As we've been cleaning out, repairing and renewing nest boxes in Gunton Wood I thought this article may be of interest. It's all you need to know about nestboxes! Click here : NestBoxes

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  3. WP-21Jan2016

    By John Dickerson on January 21st, 2016


    A really good turnout today despite it being bitterly cold. This week despite the cold we had 27 working on various tasks including fixing bird boxes that our vandal woodpecker had destroyed. Most people chose to do chipping paths because with all …

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  4. WP-16Jan2016

    By John Dickerson on January 16th, 2016

    Today we worked in Foxburrow Wood, we fixed the kissing gate, the notice board and also the fencing panel that was knocked over. Apart from cutting up the large oak trunk in Foxburrow and the Elm tree opposite the school pavilion, all our work …

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  5. Dancing

    By John Dickerson on January 15th, 2016


    Our fund raising evening on Friday was a great success.  The band, CIRCA64, provided us with some wonderful dance songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's and we provided them with lots of interesting dancing !! The evening was split into two sections …

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  6. BirdBox2016

    By John Dickerson on January 14th, 2016


    We finished checking our 69 bird boxes today, 3 were missing, 2 were not checked, 22 were empty, 16 had been used as a winter shelter and we had last year's nests in 26 boxes. 7 boxes were repaired, 1 new box installed, giving us a new total of 67 …

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  7. WP-14Jan2016

    By John Dickerson on January 14th, 2016


    Despite the threat of cold wintry weather we had a good turnout today. We managed to finish clearing out the bird boxes, created plenty of stakes for pegging down the edging logs next week and had a large gang chipping the paths which had got into a …

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  8. WP-7Jan2016

    By John Dickerson on January 7th, 2016

    Sadly there was no working today because of the poor weather.

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  9. WP-2Jan2016

    By John Dickerson on January 2nd, 2016


    Today we finished all the planned tree work in Gunton Wood. A large sycamore near to 65 Stubbs was felled as it was dead most of the way up the tree and had considerable worm at the base.A med elm near the well, that had fallen onto the new trees …

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