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  1. WP-31Mar2016

    By John Dickerson on March 31st, 2016


    A beautiful sunny spring morning and being school holidays we had Oscar with us today. We had a lot going on today, clear a fallen tree at the bottom of Moore's Lane from the path leading into PwH field, splitting of snowdrops, pulling up of …

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  2. WP-24Mar2016

    By John Dickerson on March 24th, 2016


    Today most of the men took on the job of sorting out the path from the dog bin to Stubbs Wood, reducing the width, removing the railings and adding edging and tidying up the dog bin area. Other jobs were, replacing some of the dead roses behind the …

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  3. WP-17Mar2016

    By John Dickerson on March 17th, 2016


    A lovely sunny dry morning again and today's work was all about cutting and digging. We had a large dead sycamore to cut down to be used for path edging and we had a heap of soil to be shifted. Combining the two, we took in the dog-bin area as …

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  4. WP-10Mar2016

    By John Dickerson on March 10th, 2016


    A lovely sunny dry morning today for a change and our main group were clearing the soil heap near the coffee table and spreading it around the wood. The ladies were in the ditch again, clearing the blockage at the bridge into the field near …

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  5. WP-3Mar2016

    By John Dickerson on March 3rd, 2016


    23 of us were out working today, the main group clearing the old chippings from the main gate area and spreading them out in the wood before starting on the soil heap near the coffee table and spreading that around the wood. We had a few people …

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