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  1. WP-28Jly2016

    By John Dickerson on July 28th, 2016


    Today we started off feeling that there wasn't really too much to do but by coffee time we were impressed by what we had done. We installed two new bench seats, one by the coffee table and one at the top of the PwH field as we felt this was a good …

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  2. WP-21Jly2016

    By John Dickerson on July 21st, 2016


    We were all pleased it was a slightly cooler morning than recent mornings.  A smaller group today, probably due to holidays. A lot of work was done in and around the nursery, this is now completed and looking very neat and tidy. A new bench near …

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  3. WP-14Jly2016

    By John Dickerson on July 14th, 2016


    A lovely sunny morning again but not too much to do today. The "A" table in the wildflower meadow had a broken slat which was replaced. A post near our coffee table had disntegrated and needed replacing. The nursery needed a lot of tidying up, …

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  4. WP-7Jly2016

    By John Dickerson on July 7th, 2016


    A lovely morning but we started with the news that many of the trees in the burial park had been vandalised and would need restaking and possibly new guards put round. Half our team headed off to Foxburrow Woods to clear the paths and the rest of …

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