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  1. WP-25Aug2016

    By John Dickerson on August 25th, 2016


    All hands to the rakes today, including 2 new members - Andrea and Paul. Everyone headed off to the wild flower meadow and b&b area, to strim the bits that had not yet been cut and to rake up all the bits that had been cut, hot work in this …

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  2. WP-18Aug2016

    By John Dickerson on August 18th, 2016


    A lovely day for working today but not too many people out, just 18 of us. I guess holidays are taking their toll but young Max helped numbers by bringing both his mum (Liz) AND his dad (James) this week.  Barry took a group to the pond to try and …

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  3. WP-11Aug2016

    By John Dickerson on August 11th, 2016

    Wet and breezy today, so not surprisingly there were not many of us out, just 12. This included young Alyssa (4), Christine's grandaughter, who brought her own barrow and spade!  We decided to go ahead as it wasn't raining, most headed down to …

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  4. WP-4Aug2016

    By John Dickerson on August 4th, 2016


    It was all hands to the pump today. Well, to the wildflower meadow to be exact. We all headed down to the meadow to strim, mow, scythe, shear and rake the long grass. We had hoped to borrow an industrial size cutter for the morning but unfortunately …

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