After the disappointment of last week's workparty being cancelled due to the weather, we were keen to get started on the jobs list. Today we were greeted with the sight of a brand new shed, our third. This also added to our growing job list as it was in need of new bolts being fitted and painting with preservative. So new bolts were fitted and the painting started and will continue next week. Christine and Linda went off to clear weeds around our young trees planted at the back of the church. Some of the ladies went off to clear the area around the dam in the ditch and this will continue next week as well. Before going to the ditch they replaced all the path edging that had to be moved to allow access to the van delivering the shed. Several of the men took our mowers down to the wildflower meadow to start cutting the grass. Rosemary did a litter pick around the wood. Several men tried to shift a large branch stuck high above the path from the main gate to the sheds, this proved to be more difficult than it looked. We will have another go at shifting it next week and if we fail again then we will ask Waveney Norse to remove it. 

We had a lovely selection of cakes today provided by Chris and Ellie for Ellie's birthday last week.

Liz turned up at coffee time to thank all those that had gone on the "Big Red Bus" trip for the collection, they had a lovely meal at the Village Maid and are enjoying the wine. Liz brought some photos of the day for us to see and keep.

David in his “listen up” thanked Ellie for the cakes. He told us about the new shed, where it had come from and how much it cost. He mentioned that one Saturday we would be going into the churchyard and clearing overhanging branches with the chainsaw. He then went on to remind us of dates coming up, Sept 7th Bingo Fish & Chips evening, Sept 14th there will be a first aid talk for us, Nov 9th there will be a full 3 hour first aid course for 10 members to be our certified first aiders, Nov 11th Autumn Litter Pick with a 2 min silence at 11am and Snape Christmas show on Dec 9th.

By John Dickerson on August 24th, 2017