With today's workparty falling between Christmas and New Year we only had 12 workers out. It was a fine but cold morning so we quickly set to work to warm us up. A team got started on the new heap of chippings and spread them along the side paths. The strong winds had brought a large sycamore tree down across the main path near the coffee table, this was cut up to be used for edging and seating. A holly tree had blown over near the wild wood and that was cleared away. We had the tractor and trailer out to move the long tree trunks up from Moore's Lane to the storage area near the dog bin. It was decided that Lime Ave needed some edging so 2 loads were taken there. 

With coffee today we had mince pies and cake provided by Rosemary.

At “listen up” David thanked Rosemary for the Mince pies, and cake. He then detailed what work had been carried out today. He mentioned the trees that had been blown down on the main lane towards PWHs, these will be dealt with the Saturday after New Year. David finished by thanking everyone for coming out.

By John Dickerson on December 29th, 2017