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  1. BirdBox2015

    By John Dickerson on February 26th, 2015

    We finished checking our 68 bird boxes today, 4 were missing, 26 were empty, 14 had been used as a winter shelter and we had last year's nests in 24 boxes. 4 boxes were repaired, 2 new boxes installed and one old box replaced with a new box, giving …

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  2. WP-26Feb2015

    By John Dickerson on February 26th, 2015

    Today we finished cleaning out the bird boxes. The rest were clearing up where Waveney Norse had cut down a couple of sycamore trees, near the coffee table, on Monday and where we had removed a couple of large sycamore trunks, near Gunton Church …

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  3. WP-21Feb2015

    By John Dickerson on February 21st, 2015


    Today the heavy gang set out to take down a dead holly tree and the 4 main trunks of a large sycamore, both very close to Gunton Church Lane. We managed to take out 2 of the Scyamore trunks, the other 2 will have to be left for Waveney Norse as …

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  4. WP-19Feb2015

    By John Dickerson on February 19th, 2015


    Today we had a really good turnout with a large group going in to the Burial Park to finish off planting the last 100 or so trees, a group were chipping paths, Eileen was pulling up Alexanders and we had 4 men (2 groups of 2) checking the bird …

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  5. BurialPark-2

    By John Dickerson on February 14th, 2015


    Another great effort today by everyone, the weather started off cloudy but by mid-morning we started seeing blue sky.  We planted 1995 trees.  There were 78 volunteers planting compared with 120 last time when we also planted 2000 trees so our …

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  6. WP-12Feb2015

    By John Dickerson on February 12th, 2015


    A slightly damp, drizzly morning but we still had a good turn out for bramble pulling in Foxburrow Wood, concentrating on the large bluebell area. With coffee today we had a lovely selection of cakes provided by Terry for his birthday. 

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  7. WP-7Feb2015

    By John Dickerson on February 7th, 2015


    The heavy gang were out this Sauturday, removing a few branches from the Horse Chestnut, near the coffee table, to make it more stable. Also, a dead sycamore was removed from the church wood and an elm, which was leaning over the main path near …

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  8. RHS-Award2014

    By John Dickerson on February 6th, 2015


    Several members went to The Gunton Community Hall on Hollingsworth Road at 7pm on Friday February 2nd to collect another RHS "It's Your Neighbourhood" and "Anglia In Bloom" award, once again we were awarded the top award, level 5 "Outstanding".  …

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  9. WP-5Feb2015

    By John Dickerson on February 5th, 2015

    A cold but bright morning today. We had another good turnout and again the majority were chipping paths as we still have rather a lot of chippings to shift.  John removed some more mud from the main path, a couple of guys went to Foxburrow to …

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