On 18th July a coach, full with members and friends, set off from Gunton Church Lane on a day trip to visit Bury St Edmunds.
About half of the group stopped off at the famous Green King brewery for a 90 minute tour. After the tour they were treated to a taste of several different ales.
The rest of the group spent time in the Abbey Gardens and were able to walk around the town visiting the Wednesday market.
At 12.30pm we boarded the coach for a short drive to West Stow and Fuller's Mill Garden where we had a buffet lunch waiting for us set out under a marquee.
At 2pm, when the garden opened, we were able to explore the grounds at our leisure. The garden was created by a past head brewer from the Green King brewery, the late Mr Bernard Tickner.
There was a lovely display of various plants, shrubs and trees with water features mingled throughout. Unfortunately, these were not at their best due to the prolonged drought we have all suffered this summer.
A most enjoyable day with weather to suit.